Over 12 years of innovation


From the first 720P analog cctv camera , 1080P Network IP Camera, to the Smart home,Sim Card Camera,Solar Low power consumption smart camera.From 480P Camera to 8 Megapixel,4K Camera.Tseeu has spent the last 12 years assisting and making life safer for millions of users around the world. Day after day, we imagine what the future will look like. We imagine a more comfortable, and safer home and society. We create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve life and well-being.






Sales volume

More than 100 patents filed.

Every day, 50 engineers collaborate and innovate to bring simplicity, security, and tranquillity to your daily life. By introducing HiSilicon, Qualcomm and sony chipset to creat more smart functions and HD image your camera, and smart solutions that can communicate securely with each other, our teams are inventing the homes and society safty of tomorrow. It’s thanks to this fundamental work, and the more than 100 patents already filed by our Research and Development Center, that Tseeu can guarantee you efficient, long-lasting products. But now, it’s your turn! Do you have a suggestion regarding a new product or how to improve our products? Visit our interactive Tseeu website to share your ideas!


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PCB production

Self-owned placement machine, ISO9001 quality control system. Strict quality inspection is carried out from raw materials, any defects must be registered and reported in time, and solutions are proposed. Quality inspection and inspection shall be carried out for each process in the production process to ensure that each process has operating procedures. After the PCB board is produced, it is necessary to conduct sampling inspection on the entire batch of PCB boards. As long as the pass rate of random inspection meets the standard, it is allowed to leave the factory. If the pass rate of the random inspection fails to meet the standard, a full inspection and maintenance must be carried out, and the quality of each PCB board that leaves the factory must be responsible.

Multiple production lines

Each production step is subdivided, and each step is constantly improving and improving. Every machine that leaves the factory has undergone strict machine aging test and QC quality inspection to ensure that consumers can use it with confidence!

Professional sales and technical team

A professional sales team keeps real-time contact with customers 24 hours a day, efficiently communicates to meet customer needs, and listens to customers’ voices.

Professional technical team, let you worry-free after sale, answer technical questions for you at any time, strong technical support, let you use the product easily.

Diversified Products

Every year, according to the market demand, we will continue to develop new products, from IP forget camera to 4G phone card camera, from constant power camera to low-power battery camera, from 720P camera to 4K camera, we have been making progress!

You can trust us

We ensure that your personal data is kept secure. Protecting and respecting your privacy is our priority!