Frequently asked questions

How to set alarm to send Email?

1. Setting motion detection

If you want to monitor a zone fixed, when the zone has exception, it enables alarm, you can choose motion detection function. Settings like below. The equipment can support 4 zones setting, you can enable it through tick the option box at the bottom of page. When enable a zone, the zone box will display on the screen, and list zone number, moving mouse to this zone box, you can drag the box to any position; also can move mouse to red box at the bottom right corner, drag it to change the size. After setting, click apply, motion detection will take effect.

2. Setting alarm Linkage

When alarm triggered, the equipment will alarm with many ways, as shown in below picture:

  • send alarm and pictures toemail
  • send captured pictures to assigned FTP server
  • send video recording to assigned FTPserver
  • capture a picture, then save to TFCard
  • Recording a video for 15 seconds, then save to TF card (including 1-3 seconds warning beforevideo)
  • linkage Preset: after the alarm, callpreset
  • alarm capture quanity, setting as required (1-3piece
  • If you want set Email alarm, please tick ”E-mail Alarm and Send with Picture”. and then click “Email setting”

3. Setting Email

The items in above picture is mandatory fields need to fill in. If the filled content is not qulified, the setting will not be successful. After writing completed, click Apply firstly, then testing, it will reminder testing successfully when finished.



  1. The server of sending email should support POP3 protocol. In order to strengthen security and reduce spam, Many mail server closed this protocol at present. So users need to check if the server support POP3 before choose mail server, otherwise the mail can not send
  2. For some mail server using SSL certificate, it must enable SSL option, then can send email successfully.

Some mailboxes require additional security settings, such as Gmail messages, you need to log in to your google account, open to allow less secure apps in “Sign-in & security” page.

If your Gmail mailbox opened “2-Step Verification”, then you need to set up a separate “app passwords” for camera login,

How to set up “app password” you can click on the “Learn more” to get help

If you do not know the security settings of other mailboxes, we recommended use Gmail.

Setting alarmtime

The equipment will trigger alarm only after detected alarm in protection period. So you need to select which time to set protection carefully.

Note: When setting time, please adjust system time firstly.

Some mail box setting for example:


WiFi IP Camera How to use the AP mode ?


Only professional-type cameras support AP mode, Household-type cameras do not support AP mode.

Q: What is AP mode? What does it do?

R: 1. You can configure the camera via AP mode when the camera is only connected to the power supply.

For example, you can connect the power of the camera, and then through the AP mode configuration

camera WIFI makes the camera direct connected to the network.

  1. You can connect and use the camera via AP mode , within the range of the camera’s AP.
  2. Please connect power supply for cameras, do not connect network cable.
  3. Open the WIFI setting of the phone and find the SSID of the camera’s AP, SSID format is “IPCAM –
  4. ******” For example “IPCAM-123456”, these six numbers from the camera UID middle part, the password is “01234567”.

  5. If you do not find the SSID of the camera’s AP, Please reset the camera to factory settings as described in the Quick Start Guide.

  6. When the phone is connected to the SSID, you can run APP “CamHi” to connect the camera:, click“Add Camera”-“Search camera from LAN” to add camera.

  7. Now you can use the camera or configure the camera settings, such as WIFI settings.

  8. Please note: after WIFI configuration successfully in AP mode, AP mode will disappear. If you want to use

    the AP mode again, need to restore the camera to factory Settings.

    Now you can use the camera or configure the camera settings, such as WIFI settings.

How to monitor camera on HiP2P Client?(this software only support camhipro camera)

Click setting button to enter the software, default there is no password, click to ok to enter the software directly. if you change the password in the future, please remember the password, it is important!

Run the client and enter the “Config” page, click “Input UID” to add the camera ,

you can find the UID serial number on the label of the camera.

After adding the camera, double-click the camera to watch the live video.

In the client, you can manage multiple cameras and watch up to 32 channel live videos at the same time, you can save the video on the computer, you can playback the local video (computer) and remote video (SD card), you can configure parameters of camera etc., please read instructions for more information

Camera forget password?

The password is incorrect or the password set after the last connection is forgotten?

A: The camera password may have been changed, please press the “Reset” button of the camera for 5 seconds. the camera voice prompts “dong…”, then follow the steps above to re-add the camera.

Camera Wi-Fi configuration failed?

Check whether the Wi-Fi signal is sufficient, the Wi-Fi name and password are

correct, the Wi-Fi name and password must be in English characters, the Wi-Fi

password length cannot exceed 31 characters.

The WiFi Wired device list is prompted the camera is offline?

Please make sure your phone can be connected to the Internet, the camera’s

wired/Wi-Fi connection is correct and can be connected to the Internet, If the

camera is connected Wi-Fi, whether the Wi-Fi signal of the camera installation

location is sufficient, check whether the Wi-Fi name or password has been changed.

WiFi Wired Live video is very stuck, even the camera shows offline?

Please make sure that the internet connection of the phone and the camera is

good, stable and at least 2Mbps, if the camera is connected Wi-Fi, make sure that

the signal at the installation location is sufficient

What should I do if the mobile APP does not receive the push?

A: Please check if the alarm push is turned on and the alarm settings are correct(Setting – Alarm manage and notification), whether the APP allows push permission on the mobile phone.

Camhipro camera Whether the computer client supports apple Mac operating system.?

 Support, we have provided apple Mac operating system management client.