Indoor Fisheye 360 Panoramic IP Camera

This is a 360 degree Panoramic 4G or WIFI HD IP camera for monitoring. it connects to the Internet via SIM card OR WIFI/LAN Cable to send and receive data,

and you can use itto remotely view real-time images from your mobile phone, computer or other devices anytime and anywhere,

it can save surveillance videos in the Micro SD card or computer, The camera also supports alarm functions such as sending alarm emails,

alarming phone message push and otherfunctions.

There are two different version , one is wifi version, the other is 4g version.

– WIFI Version Camera only works with 2.4G WiFi network and Lan Cable, NOT support 5G!! Not support Sim Card!!
– 4G Version Camera only works with sim card network, NOT WiFi network !! NOT LAN Cable!

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