25W Solar Battery Camera 24 hours continue video recording+PIR Activated Recording

This is a Solar Battery wireless Camera

it connects to the Internet via SIM card or WiFi to send and receive data, and you can use it to remotely view real-time images from your mobile phone.

This is a Solar Camera, it has Solar Panel+ Battery, can lifetime offer power by itself.

This is a low power consumption Camera,When camera PIR not be triggerred by people, it sleep, save battery.Only PIR be triggred or app wake up the camera,it works.

This camera is different with other solar battery camera, It is bigger solar panel, up to 25W solar panel, and it support 24 hours continuous recording,only the battery <30%, the camera switch to Low power consumption mode.when camera is in Low power consumption mode, the camera is not 24 hours recording,only when people trigger the PIR ,will recording.

4G version SK8G pro:
*There are 2 different versions of the surveillance camera, one is 4G sim card version, can only support 4G sim card connection
WIfi version SK8W pro:
*if choose WiFi camera version, the video surveillance can only connect with WiFi, can not use 4G sim card connection.
*The WiFi antenna modules of this wireless security camera offers a more stable network connection and wider range.

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