Multi-dimension Installation Full Angle coverage Night Vision 4X/10X Optical zoom Dual-Lens Solar Camera

1. This product is an outdoor surveillance dome camera that does not need to be connected to electricity, is simple to install,
and is ready to use;
2. Core selling points:
1) 2.5-inch outdoor waterproof, engineering plastic material
2) Low-power sleep and normal power dual modes are optional
3) WIFI connection, 100% completely wireless.
4) 3 million resolution, high-definition images
5) Ultra-low power consumption for working and standby, long standby.
6) PIR+humanoid detection, quick start recording.
7)Horizontal rotation 0-270 degrees, vertical rotation 3-90 degrees.
8) Built-in MIC and speaker, support two-way voice intercom
with mobile APP.
9) The solar cell module and the dome camera can be combined or installed separately. Mobile APP Domestic (Easy Cloud)
3. Application scenarios: the door of the house, the door of the yard, and the place where it is inconvenient to connect to
the electricity and wiring

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